Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Alpine Cardiology Maintaining A Healthy Weight

  Maintaining a healthy weight can be tough, especially as you grow older. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for your heart and well-being. About 70% of American adults are overweight. More than 1/3 of American adults are obese. Being overweight puts you at higher risk for serious health problems. The more extra weight, the… Read More »

Life After a Heart Attack

Alpine Cardiology Heart Attack

  You Survived a Heart Attack, Now What? You probably have questions along with feeling overwhelmed and worried. It is a life altering event and lifestyle changes are recommended. Most people survive a first heart attack and go on and live full and productive lives. To ensure you do the same take an active role… Read More »

What is Cardiac Rehabilitation

Alpine Cardiology - Man in Cardiac Rehab

  Cardiac rehabilitation also called cardiac rehab is a supervised program for anyone recovering from a heart attack, heart failure, or other heart problems that required surgery or medical care. Your rehab is supported by a team of professionals that may include your healthcare provider, exercise and nutrition specialists, physical and occupational therapists and counselors…. Read More »

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