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Seasonal Produce – Fall and Winter

The cookouts, corn on the cob and fresh fruits of summertime may be history for another year, but fresh-food fans need not fret. The fall harvest season brings a whole new assortment of delicious and heart-healthy fresh fruit and vegetables. Apples, pears, broccoli and Brussels sprouts are fresh in the market – or in your garden…. Read More »

A Change of Heart

Taking care of your heart is one of the most important things you can do for your health and well-being. But, because heart health involves changing daily habits, it can require some real effort. To make the process easier, try tackling only one habit at a time. For example, if you smoke cigarettes and also… Read More »

Heart Healthy is a Family Affair

When it comes to heart health, what is good for you is good for your whole family—including its youngest members. We now know that two-thirds of teenagers have at least one risk factor for heart disease, from being overweight and “couch potato-itis” to unhealthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Even more disturbing, about one million… Read More »

Aspirin – Take with Caution

This well-known “wonder drug” is an antiplatelet medicine that can help to lower the risk of a heart attack or stroke for those who have already had one. Aspirin also can help to keep arteries open in those who have had a heart bypass or other artery-opening procedure, such as angioplasty. In addition, aspirin is… Read More »

You Can Stop Smoking

The good news is that quitting smoking immediately reduces your risk of heart disease and other serious disorders, with the benefit increasing over time. Just 1 year after you stop smoking, your heart disease risk will drop by more than half. Within several years, it will approach the heart disease risk of someone who has… Read More »

Time to be Active

Regular physical activity is a powerful way to reduce your risk of heart disease. Physical activity directly helps prevent heart problems. Staying active also helps prevent and control high blood pressure, keep cholesterol levels healthy, and prevent and control diabetes. Plus, regular physical activity is a great way to help take off extra pounds—and keep… Read More »

Aim for a Healthy Weight – Part 2

Alpine Cardiology Aim for Healthy Weight

Seven Secrets of Weight Management If you have ever tried to take off weight, you know that it’s more than a matter of promising yourself that you’ll eat less and move more. You also need to mentally prepare yourself for new behaviors. Here are some tips for getting and staying in a healthy weight mindset…. Read More »

Aim for a Healthy Weight – Part 1

Alpine Cardiology - Eat for Health

Getting Started Losing weight and keeping it off can be a challenge. It is frustrating to work hard to lose the weight and then see it starting to creep up. Below are some helpful tips to help you lose the weight and then to keep it off. Eat for health Choose a variety of nutritious… Read More »

Figuring Out Fat

How much fat you may include in your diet depends on how many calories you consume daily and whether you have high cholesterol or heart disease. If you do NOT have high cholesterol or heart disease the saturated fat in your diet should be less than 10% of your daily calories. Total fat should be… Read More »

Give Your Heart a Little TLC

  If your LDL cholesterol is above your goal level, you should start on the TLC eating plan right away. Consuming foods that are high in saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol contributes to high levels of LDL cholesterol. On the TLC Eating Plan you should aim for: Less than 7 percent of the day’s total… Read More »

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