Alpine Cardiology is located in the newly renovated “Buck House”. The stately structure was completed in 1901. It was built by Sanford W. Buck, who was a prominent and well-respected banker in Gaylord.

Historically, this home had many of the elements of a turreted Queen Anne style home. From the wraparound porch that displays turned columns, spindle work, and lace-like brackets, to the roof top turrets, this structure is truly impressive. 

Bobish began her mission to transform the Buck House into Alpine Cardiology in 2015. Trees had to be cleared and the site reconfigured, the foundation had to be shored up, previous (20th Century) additions were demolished and reconstructed, the infrastructure, including all mechanicals, electrical and plumbing was upgraded from top to bottom, the windows were replicated and replaced, and the characteristic turret was recreated to its original design with help from an old photograph that Bobish discovered.

“I liked getting the project from paper to this — from 2D to 3D; and I enjoyed finding the relics and things in the house while excavating,” she said.

The doctor has gathered an interesting assortment of found objects — most from around the turn of the last century — that includes a newspaper from 1898, a book of bible verses, ink bottles, a belt buckle, an empty toothpaste box (complete with instructions) and several buttons. She plans to display the collection in the Alpine Cardiology office.


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