GAYLORD — “If it involves the heart — I’m here,” said Dr. Kristine Bobish, DO, who has been settling into her new office at 101 E. Mitchell St.

Bobish recently undertook extensive renovations to the “Buck House.” The stately historic mansion was completed in 1901 by Sanford W. Buck, who was a prominent and well-respected banker in Gaylord.

“The heart is everything, not only physically but emotionally,” Bobish said. “I like to say it is the most important organ in the body; it is the center. The heart is also the center of the home, and we want to be the center of the community. We want to set the example for what we need to do in the community.”

Bobish noted that early in 2015, she was searching for a place to open her private practice.

“I hunted for the best location and kept coming back to this site because I loved it,” she said. “It’s an old Victorian that needed to be loved again. It’s an icon in the community.”

Bobish noted that she has always enjoyed Victorian style and furniture, and the interior of Alpine Cardiology is decorated in keeping with the early 1900s, including the woodwork, the colors, furniture, carpet and all fixtures.

“This house fits my personality,” she said. “I like to spend time with my patients, talk to them, listen to them and give them a hug. Most doctors’ offices are scary, sterile and cold; I want people to feel like they are visiting my home.”

Bobish is originally from Cheboygan and has lived and practiced in Gaylord since 2009. She is board certified in cardiology and has physician privileges at Otsego Memorial Hospital, McLaren Northern Michigan in Petoskey, Munson Healthcare Grayling Hospital and Alpena Regional Medical Center. She is the only board certified cardiac specialist who resides in Otsego County.

“I’m an internist, too, I just specialize in cardiology. It was my calling,” she said.

Bobish and her office manager, Becky Ohlrich, have worked together since 2009. Now at Alpine Cardiology, they and office assistant Mistie Scott care for their patients who come from all around the region, including Alpena, Houghton Lake, Mancelona and Charlevoix.

“Our tagline is ‘Alpine Cardiology — the Heart of Northern Michigan,’’’ Bobish said. “People who have symptoms come here. We see people with known or unknown cardiac disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, chest pain, shortness of breath. They can be referred by their doctor or self-referred.”

Bobish believes it is important to provide her patients with education as well as compassionate care and treatment.

“We do a lot of prevention. It’s our favorite thing to do — to keep risk factors low so patients can form healthy habits,” she said. “We do a lot of listening. When patients come in and feel one and secure with the doctor and the staff, they open their heart up to you — and they can get better care.”

Office hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.