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Diabetes and Heart Disease

Diabetes and Heart Disease

As we continue our series A guide to a Healthy Heart we want to talk about diabetes and the role it can play in heart disease and strokes. Cardiovascular disease is the cause of death in over 65% of people who have diabetes. Diabetic women are especially at high risk of dying of heart disease… Read More »

Weight and Heart Disease

Part of a heart healthy lifestyle is maintaining your weight in a normal range. A healthy weight is important for your overall wellbeing, not just your heart. Maintaining a healthy weight helps prevent diabetes, joint pain, breathing issues, blood pressure and so much more. In the United States two-thirds of adults are overweight. Obesity in… Read More »

Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol

In our last article we talked about different types of cholesterol and that your body needs some cholesterol to properly function. That too much of one and not enough of the other puts you at risk for heart disease. There are things you can do to help lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol and raise your… Read More »

Cholesterol and Heart Disease Risk

Blocked Arteries

Cholesterol As mentioned in previous articles your body needs cholesterol to function and your body does an excellent job of providing what you need of that fatty substance. The problems start when you have too much because of lifestyle choices. Your body doesn’t know what to do with the extra so it lets it start… Read More »

Major Risk Factors

Major Risk Factors Heart Disease

We have talked about this many times and your health care team has brought these up as well. The reason we don’t stop talking about these major risk factors is because for the most part they are avoidable or the very least manageable. We want you to do everything you can to lessen your risk… Read More »

What are your numbers?

Whats your Number

Your doctor may use a number of tests to help determine your risk of heart disease and next steps. Many of these test provide number measurements that provide your doctor with critical information. Below are some of those “number” tests that your healthcare team need to know the results. Lipoprotein Profile Fasting for 9-12 hours… Read More »

Are you at risk of developing heart disease?

Know your risks - Alpine Cardiology

Knowing your personal risk for heart disease is the first step towards heart health. There are obvious risks such as smoking and being overweight, we all know if those are risk factors for us. There are other risk factors that are not so obvious. High blood pressure and high cholesterol are not obvious and usually… Read More »

Heart Healthy Kitchen

Heart Healthy Grains Beans

  We talk about heart healthy foods a lot, because what you eat is important for your health. We want to help you follow a healthy diet and keep temptation away. If your kitchen is heart healthy friendly it will save you time and worry when preparing healthy meals. Below are some guidelines for stocking… Read More »

Healthy Holiday Recipes

It is that time of year again and instead of serving the artery clogging standards, why not try something new? Share healthier options with your family and friends as you gather over the next few months. The Mayo Clinic offers up great ideas for healthy holiday dishes. Multiple choices of soups, salads, turkey, side dishes,… Read More »

Make Every Move Count!

Alpine Cardiology Housework

Physical activity is one of the best things you can do for your heart. Regular exercise, healthy diet and lifestyle may help protection you against coronary artery disease and vascular disease research has found. Sedentary Lifestyle A sedentary lifestyle comes with a whole host of health risks. Not only are you burning fewer calories, but… Read More »

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